Free shipping

All orders regardless of the amount are sent with FREE shipping costs throughout GREECE.

1) Cash on Delivery Charge € 4.90 per order. (Receipts from EL.TA)
2) Cash on Delivery Fee € 9.90 per order (Delivery to your place)

Returns are only accepted if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them, ie without having been unsealed or their packaging damaged. You send them together with the purchase form within 14 days from the day of receipt. You only bear the cost of returning the product. Parcels returned in poor condition or products that do not work due to misuse will not be accepted. Returns accepted will be refunded within 14 days.


1 The repair or replacement of the product is at the absolute choice of

2 Problems with your computer operating system are not covered by this warranty.

3 We recommend that you check, at the time of delivery of your order, the condition of the products and their intact packaging, in order to detect any obvious defects, e.g. broken goods, wrong item, defective parts and let us know immediately and no later than 24 hours.

4 We assure you that according to the warranty the devices work perfectly and according to the specifications of the manufacturers or their assemblers.

5 The warranty is valid from the date stated in the special box on the warranty form and is valid only upon presentation of it.

6 In case of failure to repair the defective product will replace the defective product with another of the same or similar technical specifications.

7 This warranty does not cover consumable parts of the appliance and the buyer's fault (eg CDs, batteries, power supplies, cases, water or other liquid, appliance shocks or falls, connecting cables, antennas, etc.).

The warranty automatically expires in the following cases:

     When 12 months have passed since the purchase.
When the product is operated by an unauthorized person.
 When the damage results from an accident, poor wiring, fall, exposure to extreme levels of temperature, humidity, vibration or liquid spillage.
hen the product is subjected to physical or electrical stress beyond the manufacturer's specifications.
When the device number or markings on the device have been altered, removed or damaged.
When the product is used in an environment not specified by the manufacturer.
When the fault comes from a poor installation.
When the problem is due to virus programs that alter the functional characteristics of the device.
When the problem is due to the installation of programs that change the functional characteristics of the device.
When the manufacturer's maintenance procedures are not followed.
We have no responsibility for the data stored on magnetic, magneto-optical or optical in closed circuit recording systems as well as for any direct, indirect additive or depositional damage resulting from their loss. The responsibility for the storage and storage of this data lies with the buyer.
We assume no liability for damage caused by the product or product malfunctions, including lost revenue and profits, special, deposit or positive losses and is not responsible for any claims raised by third parties or you for third party account.
Also note that all products are offered for private use and not business. Any professional use of the products automatically cancels your warranty.

We are always at your disposal giving a solution to any problem that may arise during the order, shipment, receipt and use of them.