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Back Posture Correction Vest

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 21830-300-00-05

Improve your attitude and improve your life as well!

Relieve back pain quickly and comfortably. Support and align the shoulders, neck, upper back, or spine. Double lateral traction and compression provide support to the abs and back muscles. A design that grips the entire back and "ties" with a wide belt in front of the stomach, keeping the body straight. It is light, comfortable, and of high quality, made of breathable material, ergonomically designed with adjustable straps and can be worn under clothes without obstructing and distinguishing.

    High quality advanced back support
    Foam upholstery on the back for compression and lumbar stabilization.
    With easy closure for a more comfortable and easy application.
    Suitable for both sexes.

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Sizes: S: 70-85 M: Waist from 80 - 95 cm L: Waist from 80 - 105 cm XL: Waist from 100 - 115 cm XXL: Waist from 110 - 125 cm

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