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Children's Skate with 3 Wheels LED Glider

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 21891-810-00-05

Folding children's skate easily converted into a stroller (15-36 months), walking (15-36 months) and a simple skate (3+ years).

A fun three-wheeled scooter that offers children the freedom and mobility they crave.


    It has two wheels front and one rear, allows the child to turn using his weight and the inclination of his body, so the game is transformed into the development of skills, balance and coordination of his body.
    With adjustable steering wheel in low position and later in higher
    The seat has the ability to adjust the height
    It folds and takes up minimal space so you can carry it with you easily.
    Me brake on the rear wheel to have complete control.
    Illuminated with LED wheels
    With a light frame so that children can carry it everywhere.
    It is extremely durable with reinforced wheels for smooth driving and movement
    Suitable for use from 15 months and up.
    Maximum load: 20 kg

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