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Digital Desktop Clock with Wireless Charging for Mobiles, Alarm Clock and Colored Lighting

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 21750-130-00-05

An innovative device designed for every modern home. With elegant and simple design it can easily fit in the bedroom or living room and create a pleasant atmosphere in the space with soft lighting that changes colors. It has three lighting functions, to choose according to your mood. The display shows the time and you can adjust its brightness according to your needs so that it does not disturb you during sleep. At the top it has a Wireless Charging surface to charge your mobile phone or any other device you want easily, without the use of cables. It is compatible with all devices that support wireless charging (smartphones, earpods, smartwatches, etc.). It also has a snooze alarm to schedule your reminders.


- 5W Qi Wireless charging

- Alarm with snooze function

- 3 lighting functions

- Controlled screen brightness

- Construction material: ABS

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