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Automatic Mobile Phone Stand with Wireless Car Charger

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The Automatic Mobile Phone Stand with Wireless Car Charger is designed for people who value design, practicality and new solutions. It has a car socket designed for installation in the car's ventilation grille. It uses modern technology, which consists of automatic tightening of the arms, which makes the handle extremely functional. The maximum width of the arms is 95 mm. The side arms of the base open and close automatically.

All you have to do is bring your phone closer and the arms will extend automatically. To pull your phone from the base, place your finger on the back, at the top of the base. This wireless charging cradle will allow you to charge your mobile phone wirelessly, without cables, at any time and while driving, with absolute safety! The Automatic mobile phone stand with wireless charger for car is compatible with all devices that accept wireless charging, with the ability to rotate the base 360 ​​°.


Input: DC5V 2A DC9V 1.6A

Frequency: 110-205 KHz

Charging efficiency> 70> # / p ###

Charging distance <10 mm

Size: 7.3 x 12.3 cm


1 X Automatic mobile support base with wireless car charger

1 X USB charging cable

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