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Electric Chocolate Box / Fondue

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With the Chocolate or Fondi-Chocolatiere, you can make perfect creations with chocolate and more. It melts the chocolate in a short time, without the need for water and contains all the tools for your creations. It has a heat regulator so you can process the chocolate in its saucepan. You can make delicacies dipped in melted chocolate, but also your own homemade chocolates.

For chocolate lovers, put liquid chocolate on top of your favorite cake, plain or filled chocolates, and even chocolate icing, all from the comfort of your own home in the most economical way.

Surprise your guests and take out the chocolate box as a dessert and dip your favorite fruits: banana, strawberry, apples, pears and even pineapple for exotic nights!

Make unique chocolates with your children. The device can also be used as a fondue for melted cheese and become an impressive appetizer for your meals.
The package includes:

The basic utensil of the chocolate box.

1 spatula

1 grill to rest your chocolates

6 forms for chocolates in different designs (stars, hearts, teddy bears, elixirs, Christmas tree, moons)

1 larger heart-shaped mold (you can fill it with either chocolate or ice cream, cream, etc. and make amazing combinations)

10 sticks to dip the fruit in the chocolate

10 plastic forks

1 fork with spiral

1 square fork

Instructions for use in English

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