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Insecticide Pest Killer 16W

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 22124-110-00-05

Get rid of flying insects with the Insecticide Pest Killer 16W without chemicals and unpleasant odors!

The Pest Killer 16W Insecticide kills small and large insects with electric shock. The device is suitable for homes, terraces, gardens, factories, restaurants, offices, etc. It has low power consumption, is easy to install, clean and completely safe, with easy change of bulbs.

    High quality 2x8W fluorescent lamp
    With On / Off switch
    With metal chain for hanging
    No dangerous chemicals, annoying odors and fumes
    Low energy consumption
    Socket for easy hanging
    Ideal for all spaces
    Coverage area: 30m2
    Cable length: 1m
    Power supply: 220-240V

    Dimensions: 34x23x7 cm

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