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Solar Snake Repellent and Led Lighting

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 14418-000S-006R

This unique repellent has been created to scare and repel all snakes. It emits sound and pulse vibration which the snake perceives, through the sensors it has in its body, as a threat and makes it flee immediately. The energy of the device comes from the solar collector which is located at the top of the device and stores energy for the operation of the device at night, ensuring its operation 24 hours a day.

Easy to assemble and install and for best results before first use, let the top of the device - solar panel - charge for 2 days. Then connect the cables and install the device. It must be positioned so that the water does not exceed the Safe line. The device is completely safe for humans and pets. Ideal for gardens, yards, estates, campsites, etc.


    Range of the device - 1000 sq.m.
    24 hour operation
    Easy to assemble and install

    Safe for humans and pets

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