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Outdoor Mist - Cooling System with 10 Injectors 10 m

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 11883-101000SDE-004THK

Install the complete Outdoor Mist System, with 10 nozzles (nozzles) and 10m long hose, in pergolas, kiosks, fans, terraces, balconies, gardens and in any place you want to enjoy coolness. Creates a moist perimeter and significantly reduces the temperature up to 11 ° C, cooling the environment. It is installed easily and quickly without tools and operates with the pressure of the network, without machines and complicated procedures. Just connect it to the tap, as you would with a simple watering hose and enjoy unlimited coolness. It is suitable for use with a Watering Scheduler, both for cooling and for watering in gardens and greenhouses that require mist watering.


    Ergonomic and easy to install
    Consumption: From 10 to 30 L per hour
    Minimum pressure for mist production 2.5 bar
    For optimal system performance, combine it with a water desalination filter

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