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Wireless Alarm with Motion Detector

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 13949-003050HT-003SW

Wireless, autonomous alarm system with motion detector and 2 remote controls. It has a built-in motion detector with infrared (radar). It is easy to install with the special support base included. Just place the included bracket on the wall and your alarm system is ready. It has a very strong siren and low power consumption using special integrated circuits. Install it at home. in the office, in the garage, in the warehouse, in the cottage and in any other place you want to protect.


    Entry and exit delay
    Operation with 4 AA batteries or with power supply (Not included)
    Detection angle 100 °
    Detection range 5 meters
    Remote control range 20 meters. (By eye contact)
    Powerful 105 db siren

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