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GPS Πεζοπορίας

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 15008-005000G-025GP

The mini portable GPS is the right tool for hiking, camping, jogging, mountaineering and any other activity you do. Thanks to its ergonomic design you can always have it with you and never get lost again. It is made of durable materials, to withstand mountain or sea trips, while it has a very low weight. On the side it has only 3 keys, with which you control all its functions. Of course, in addition to coordinates, it also displays a wealth of useful information, such as the distance you travel, the time that has passed since you started, the speed at which you move, and even the altitude at which you are.


    Max GPS Update Rate: 10 Hz
    Screen: 128 x 64 mm
    Memory: 512K
    Hot Start: Approx. 5 sec
    Warm Start: Approx. 40 sec
    Cold Start: Approximately 2 minutes
    Sensitivity: Tracking: 161
    dBm, Re-Acquisition: 157 dBm, Acquisition: 148dBm, Protocol:
    NMEA-0183 v3.01
    Options: Backlight, Clock, Time Zone,
    Measure Unit, Clear POI, Cold Start, Reset Default
    Function: 3.7v battery, 390 mAh lithium
    Autonomy: 10 hours, approx
    Operating temperature: -20 to + 55 ° C

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