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Alternating Three-Wheel Car Horn

  • Κωδικός προϊόντος: 22148-010-00-06

Upgrade the horn of your vehicle with the Alternating Three-spoke Car Horn and stand out from afar!

The horn has a high quality car horn, with a choice of two melodies:

First: three tones that sound at the same time

 Second: three tones that sound one by one giving a musical style. 12 / 24v, 20 / 10A, 115 dB.

Interchangeable Car Horn can be mounted on car, truck, boat and engine


    Horn length 1: 20.5cm
    Horn length 2: 15.5cm
    Horn length 3: 20.5cm
    Frequency spectrum [Hz]: 600 - 765 - 810
    Voltage [V]: 12
    Intensity [dB]: approx. 118
    Operating mode: electro-pneumatic

The package includes:

1 X Compressor

1 X Air hose

3 X Horns

1 X Switch

1 X Mounting set

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