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Traditional Healing Suction Cups - 12 Pieces Set

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With these twelve-section suction cups, you'll enjoy traditional effective suction cups without the risk of burns!

Suction cup therapy is widespread and has centuries of prehistory, has been shown to help alleviate and cure many diseases, and also helps in the disappearance of cellulite!

The suction cup suction set is a new technology but a traditional mode of operation!

Traditional suction cup therapy has proven beneficial results in many nuisances in its long-term application.

But their use was dangerous because they required fire (with alcohol) and experience.

Now with this amazing set of suction cups it's easy and safe!

This device comes to replace the traditional method of removing air from the glass with the help of a fire giving an air pump in its place!

Through the air pump, you absorb the air from the special glasses that accompany the package and which have a valve so that they do not allow the air to come in after suction.

100% safety - easy to use!

It relieves from grips, colds, discomforts, injuries, etc.

It is safe to use and does not require a user experience.

It has 12 spare heads of various caliber, for easy application to all parts of the body.

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