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Pet Nursery Kit and Skin Care Kit

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How do we cut our animal's nails

Every 2 or 3 weeks you may need to cut your animal's nails - if it is a dog to walk more comfortably and if it is a cat to reduce nail scratching to unwanted parts (eg furniture).

Make sure your animal is already familiar with the legs of his legs and allow you to touch them, lift them, control them, without giving much resistance.

Upload it to a table or sit beside it on the ground and lift one foot up. Your moves must be firm, resolute and fast but not hasty.

Gently grasp one of his legs, gently push to pull the nail more out of his foot and cut the tip.

Once you've finished the process, do not forget to reward with treat and caresses.

Be careful not to put the whole claw on the nail clipper

If you have white nails you will notice that the pink color in the nail is essentially his meat so do not cut there, because he will eat but from there and below! If the animal has black nails, your task is difficult but you can cut even the nail tips to avoid scratching.

The nail and the pet are ready to be painted around the perimeter!

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