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Windscreen Silent Windscreen wipers

$12.90 $7.90
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Made of silicone, the new type of windscreen wipers provide great durability and silent operation, helping you to drive without distraction! 

It fits into all the models and categories of cars you drive, as long as your wiper's bumper is like the photo! (resembling a hook). 

A choice of truly reliable, easy to use and easy to install for safe driving even in the most difficult weather conditions! 

Simple wipers change with new innovative hinge joint (Universal Clutch)

Replacement in seconds. 


Make sure your wiper's cop is like the photo! (it looks like a hook.) 

Simply measure the size (length) of your windscreen wiper and get the corresponding number! 

Choose from the following available dimensions: 

- No14: 35cm

- No.15: 37.5cm 

- No16: 40cm 

- No17: 42.5 

- No18: 45 cm 

- No19: 47.5 cm

- No20: 50 cm

- No21: 52.5 cm 

- No. 22: 55 cm 

- No 23: 57.5 cm 

- No24: 60 cm 

- No25: 62.5 cm 

- No 26: 65 cm

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